YouVote: A Plan To Save Philippine Elections

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2020 has been one of the most challenging and divisive years in modern history. From a global health crisis to a national identity crisis, there’s been no shortage of political topics pervading the news, not to mention we’re nearing #Halalan2022. And while there has been an extensive campaign on “Every vote counts.”, we’ve all heard someone say “I’m just one person; what can I do?” 

That’s precisely the awe-inspiring power of the democratic vote. Each individual becomes a small part of history and helps make decisions about how their community and country serve them. If there’s something you passionately want to see change—and these days, everyone has at least one thing—the easiest and most effective way to institute that change is to vote. 

JM Suelo is one with this campaign. Starting out as a follower before becoming a leader, JM rose through the ranks. Today, he is a co-founder of YouVote: A Voters’ Registration and Education Campaign.

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The initiative

Recognizing that responsible voting will create an impact and define the kind of future we will have, YouVote is on a call-to-action not only to get eligible voters to vote, but to choose the right leaders in the 2022 National and Local Elections. Adjusting to today’s new normal, YouVote will be conducting a series of events throughout the year such as satellite registration, virtual concert, open mic nights, webinars, and voters education series.

The problem

We don’t need to look far to see that active political participation among Filipino voters need strengthening. A number of eligible voters remain unregistered, something not uncommon in the Philippines. With lack of access, motivation and knowledge among the citizens to register and exercise their right to suffrage, we definitely need a louder collective voice in decisions that affect us.

The gameplan

Through a 4-pronged approach, YouVote has committed to empower voters, believing that the first step to getting people more involved is getting them to actually register and by providing platforms to rationally discuss socio-political issues; as well as educate voters of their right to suffrage, role in nation-building and reforms, and of course, to vote.

The bottomline

It is important to remember that every wave of change is composed of individuals who pushed past that same fear of not making a difference. Very, very few people make a change alone. However, adding your voice to the choir through voting can help implement a new era in which the change you’re fighting for and the candidates you believe in are able to make changes that best serve you and your community. 

While some have to fight harder than others to be heard, this, too, is an issue that can be rectified over time through the act of voting and fighting for reforms in a way that no one can sequester. Every election, every new president, every major societal shift was the direct result of individuals deciding to make their voices heard, even when they thought no one could hear them.

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Through YouVote, we’re backing democracy with action. And we know we’re not alone. We’re standing in solidarity with all the people who want change—who need change. 

Will you join us? 

Register to vote now! 

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