Ayna Tajanlangit on Leadership, Purpose, and Designing Dreams

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There are places we go back to because they feel like ‘home’. Maybe it’s a friend’s house, a favorite hotel, or even a corner on the street. A well-crafted space, surrounded by the people and the things you love, can instantly warm your heart and ease your worries.

There’s a well-known principle that says good architecture complements natural surroundings and doesn’t go against it. Indeed, the best residences or communities incorporate organic elements into the design. Not only does this make the space cozier, but it’s also a great approach towards sustainability.

Just ask architecture student and company President, Ayna Tajanlangit.

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Falling into Place

If there’s one thing most of us can relate to, it’s being a breadwinner in the family – and Ayna is no different.

“Being the eldest in a big family, my journey wasn’t easy. I struggled to live a free life as me - and not this person who has to carry such a huge responsibility. But when my father passed away, I realized that we are on this earth because we have a mission to fulfill…”

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After graduating with a degree in Business Management in 2017, Ayna worked at her family’s company for a year. However, she felt like it wasn’t enough. Young, ambitious, yet happy-go-lucky, she wondered if she could do more. That’s when she decided to study again, this time, in Architecture at the De La-Salle College of St. Benilde.

“Deep in my heart, I wanted to take a risk even if I thought it might be too late…I wanted to gain more knowledge apart from the usual entrepreneurial side of the business. Studying Architecture gave me a wide understanding of my role now as President…”

When she’s not helping in running the company, Ayna loves to keep active. The multi-talented millennial practices martial arts (Taekwondo) as well as immerses herself in music and the arts. Her creativity shines the most in her designs as an architect for A.C.T. Architecture Group, the design arm of A.C. Tajanlangit Construction.

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“Being a woman working in a male dominated industry such as construction is a challenge but never a hindrance…”

“…No matter how tired or drained I am, I work hard for our family and to sustain the livelihood of the people depending on us.”

A Passion for Building the Best

It can be difficult to imagine that a huge company was once a small business built on the determination and sweat of one. But that’s exactly the tale behind A.C. Tajanlangit Construction Builders and Development Corporation.

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Founded in 1993 by the late Anthony Allan C. Tajanlangit, the firm began by manufacturing concrete hollow blocks and reinforced concrete pipes for several projects in Iloilo City. Over the years, the company expanded along with the growth of the country. The family saw the need to diversify and felt confident in taking larger jobs outside the city.

Their first major project was the Two Seasons Resort Hotel in Boracay Island in 2006. Since then, A.C. Tajanlangit Construction has been synonymous with building world-class resorts and high-end residences. A few of their clients include: Ayala Land Incorporated, Asiana Properties, DMCI Homes, Fil-HR Development Corporation, and Two Oceans Leisure Development Corporation.

What separates the company apart from others in the industry is the family’s commitment to their workers. As President, Ayna says what makes it all worth it is knowing that everything she does is for the service of others.

“My late father sacrificed so much just to provide for our big family and sustain the livelihood of hundreds of workers. He and my team are my biggest inspirations. They are the reason I keep going…”

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“I don't feel like I have to look up to big-time businessmen or leading entrepreneurs. I simply look at the people I work with every day. Their commitment to give their families a proper living no matter the situation is what drives me.”

Going Outside the Box

At the end of the day, Ayna admits she’s a laid back, down-to-earth girl who just wants a simple life.

“It’s not easy to fill my father’s shoes. I had doubts if this was really what I wanted to do. I’ve experienced barriers, like pressure from critics. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from persevering...”

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“I learned to love what I do…I know I still have a lot to learn; but I believe that as long as you put your heart into it, you can never go wrong.”

As movie quotes go: ‘greatness comes with great responsibility’. Despite her hectic schedule, she tries to carve time for hobbies and coffee with dear friends. Right now, Ayna is very focused on projects with A.C.T. Architecture Group.

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She and her team are dedicated to fulfilling clients’ wishes while exploring innovative ways to transform a space. Aside from high-end, luxury resort designs and tropical architecture, they also offer a wide variety of services from planning to consultations. You can quickly reach out to them via email or through their social media accounts.

Not one to be easily fazed, she stresses the importance of decisiveness and firmness in the workplace. Ayna believes in being hands-on with the business as nothing beats that kind of experience, especially when managing individuals. Though for her, it all comes down to kindness.

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“You have to remain kind in a business filled with pressure; at the same time, you should know when to draw the line when enough is enough. Our team has to be flexible mentally, physically, and emotionally to be able to handle that much responsibility.”

Ayna loves thinking out-of-the-box and integrating nature to her concepts: be it large windows to let more light in, or using wooden materials to bring warmth and softness to a room.

Don’t let the grandiose layouts intimidate you. Ayna always puts people first. So you can rest assured that she and her team will do their best to bring your vision to life.

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“No matter how heavy the load, when a female leader knows her purpose, success will always follow. Never let critics dictate what you can and cannot do. Remain open to feedback and use them in a positive light to do more…”

“…Never stop learning from others. Be kind as you try to make a difference. Seek innovation and guidance. And remember that in a company, it’s always about teamwork.”

You deserve a space where you can truly feel at home. Think your house needs a makeover? Or perhaps you have a bigger project in mind? Check out the A.C. Tajanlangit Architecture Group official Facebook page @ACTarchitecturegroup to request a consultation today.

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