Chaithentic: Proof That Siblings Can Achieve Business Success

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Growing up with siblings is like having friends 24/7.

They’re usually the first ones to know about your current interests or hobbies. They’ll always be game to climb trees, watch movies, or play pretend with you. Sure, they might get on your nerves now and then; but you know you can count on your brother or sister to be by your side through thick or thin.

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To celebrate World Siblings Day, we asked Maverick and Niña Ganzon how entrepreneurship has changed their views on success, the future, and each other.

Business is Brewing

You don’t need a portal to Thailand to sample the famous mango sticky rice and Thai pink milk. Brother and sister Maverick and Niña Ganzon have brought these Thai favorites to Iloilo City with Chaithentic.

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Combining the words ‘chai’ (a blend made of black tea, honey, some spices, and milk) and ‘authentic’ (emphasizing their commitment to quality), Chaithentic is surely making a lot of noise on social media. Their cute teapot elephant logo is almost ubiquitous, as fans post photos of drinks to #ChaiUp their day.

“The brand image we’ve set up is definitely what sets us apart. We are authentic yet we don’t over-price our products. We brew our teas and do not skimp on ingredients. Our customers will have that genuine Thai milk tea experience without breaking the bank.”

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Their menu includes the popular Thai Pink Milk (made from sweet Sala syrup and milk), Thai Iced Coffee, and Thai Matcha Green Tea. There are also food options such as Thai Panang Curry and Pad Kra Pao (basil chicken stir-fry). They’ve recently added a new item they like to call Thai Velvet, a Thai-based popsicle with a velvety smooth texture in various refreshing flavors.

“…We began in December 2018; and today, we are continuously receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from our local customers.”

From Travel Buddies To Business Siblings

Maverick and Nin have always had an obsession with food and travel. So it comes as no surprise that their joint venture would combine the two.

“…Thailand is our favorite destination. There, we discovered our love for Thai food and the best-tasting milk tea we have ever tried.”

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With more than 35 million annual visitors (pre-pandemic), Thailand is at the top of most people’s bucket lists. It’s a country home to historic temples, floating markets, full moon parties, and of course, delicious cuisine. And because food tastes better when shared, Maverick and Nin decided to introduce their passion locally.

Taiwanese milk tea is already a hit in the Philippines, so they wondered whether it was time to offer something more distinctive. What began as a love for Thai food and drink eventually became the very first Grab-and-Go milk tea cart and Thai desserts in Iloilo.

When asked about running a business with your sibling, both were all smiles.

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“It’s tough! Now that we’re working together day in and day out, we’ve had endless arguments. But we always make the important decisions together…”

“We realized that if we can work to make it a functioning business relationship, our relationship as siblings could become stronger.”

On Entrepreneurship, Passion, and Connections

Going against more established brands can overwhelm budding entrepreneurs. For this, the siblings suggest persistence, passion, and innovation.

“Our greatest fear was how to promote our brand…competing with well-known Taiwanese milk tea names isn’t easy. And Pinoys really like the taste of sweet milk tea! We just trusted our products and dedicated ourselves to promoting it the best way we knew how…”

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What about connections, money, and talent? What matters more in business? Maverick and Nin were in agreement with their reply:

“Having good character is the most important thing. You’ll encounter a lot in your industry. Character can help you shake off any inconveniences so you can focus on the goal. Next are skill and talent. These will keep the business strong. You can expect great results by putting in effort – but it can only happen if you have the right skill and talent for the job.”

And yes, friends and acquaintances are an advantage.

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“…The best advertisement is still word-of-mouth. Your connections are like silent brand ambassadors who will talk about your products and refer you to their own friends.”

Maverick and Nin advise up-and-coming entrepreneurs to enjoy the process.

“…having a business requires hard work. You will encounter bumps along the way. Putting in long hours will be rough if you don’t love what you do. To succeed, you need to be persistent through difficult times, be open to change, and never stop thinking of new ideas for your brand.”

Dreaming Big and Keeping It Real

The brother and sister business partners may be on the road to making it big, but they share one ‘what-if’ train they wished they jumped on sooner:

“…tani gin pa-franchise na dayon namon habang wala pa damo milktea cart. Siguro by now, nationwide na kami.”

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No regrets though, as Chaithentic boasts thousands of followers online and is already a favorite among milk tea lovers. They are also open to franchising, with partners in Dumangas and Barotac Nuevo. In Iloilo City, you can find them at The Daily Social, a local community of food makers.

With such high demand, how do Maverick and Nin keep up?

“It takes a lot of determination to harmonize every aspect of the business. We need to check daily operations, finances, sales, staff, and our partners. We balance everything with time management.”

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When asked about the future, they answered without missing a beat -

“…to be the preferred milk tea shop in Iloilo City, and in the whole Philippines! We want to be the benchmark of what great milk tea should be. No compromises; only authentic ingredients and the best Thai food and desserts.”

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Add something different to your regular pick-me-up. Join fellow #Chainatics by following their Facebook page @Chaithentic or Instagram @Chaithentic2018 for updates! Don’t forget to visit them at The Daily Social located at Esplanade Boardwalk, Mandurriao, Iloilo City for your daily cup of authentic Thai milk tea. 


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