Christmas Ambag: Serve a Hassle-Free Noche Buena with Grabfood Delivery

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Aside from carols, gift-giving, and decorations, what’s the ONE thing Filipinos look forward to during Christmas? Noche Buena,, of course!

Everyone has unique and fond memories of Noche Buena, with the family. There’s mom’s signature sweet-style spaghetti; Lola’s fruity buko, salad; and Tatay’s usual ambag - crispy young lechon stuffed with herbs. Yum!

The way we celebrate Christmas may have changed, but one thing’s the same: food is always the star in every Pinoy’s home. But with many of us still working so close to the 24th, cooking can feel like a chore.

Thank goodness for delivery apps! All you need to do is click and wait. The tricky part is deciding what to order. This holiday season, take a load off Nanay or Lola with your ambag to the Noche Buena table.

Here are the most delicious dishes to add to your Yuletide feast.

Stella: Bring Home Filipino Dishes with a Twist

The great thing about Filipino food is that it’s comforting, familiar, and a definite crowd-pleaser. When it comes to old-time favorites like spaghetti, cake, lumpia, or pancitStella has got you covered. They offer classic Pinoy dishes with a unique twist.

Allow them to turn your regular Noche Buena into a fun-filled fiesta!

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For starters, there’s the Lumpia Box featuring four (4) different flavors with matching dips. Keep an eye on this one, because it’ll be gone in a flash. Kids, on the other hand, will love the Baked Spaghetti smothered in cheese and hotdogs. This might even bring out the kid in you, too!

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If you have titas and titos visiting, they will approve of Stella’s Special Pancit, brimming with all kinds of toppings, from savory seafood to crispy vegetables. Serve this to score brownie points (which might come in handy for the next family gathering).

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Don’t forget to save room for dessert. Their Ube Cake is moist, flavorful, and filling. It’s best paired with strong coffee to wash it all down.

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See the complete menu on Stella’s Facebook page: @stellailoilo

Pub Express: Sharing Is Caring This Holiday Season

Spending Noche Buena at the office this year? Or maybe you want to try something different? Whether you’d be celebrating with friends or family, wings, pasta, pizza, and ribs are always show-stopping. And where else can you get the best ones but from PUB Express – Iloilo.

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This Christmas, they’re offering Shareable sets so you can easily contribute to office parties or the family’s midnight dinner.

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Begin with Nachos, Rangoons, and Wings as appetizers. Then grab their best-selling Rack of Ribs, Beer Brined Chicken, and Sausages that will fill everyone’s plates.

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Thinking about hosting Italian night? You can’t go wrong with Pizza and Pasta. Pizza comes in four flavors (The Bomb, White Pizza, Classic Pepperoni, Meatball), while their pasta has five alternatives (Tomato and Basil, Pinoy Spaghetti, Cream & Sausage, Spicy Longganisa, Asian Hot Pot).

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All you need to worry about now is to serve either wine or beer (note: we’d go for the beer).

Get the price list on PUB Express - Iloilo’s Facebook page: @pubexpressiloilo

The Commissary: Unlimited Samgyup Mukbang at Home

What goes perfectly with a night of binge-watching K-dramas? A bottle of soju and Korean pork BBQ, of course! We can’t just watch our oppas devour those juicy, tender strips without having some ourselves. Regardless if you’re a sucker for romance, action, or mystery, The Commissary is here to satisfy those taste buds.

Who will say no to Samgyup? Create a K-drama-inspired Christmas with their delicious marinated meat products! Save time and money when you order 1,000 Php worth of Spicy Korean Pork, Beef Bulgogi, Chicken Pesto, or Beef/Pork Samgyup.

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Complete your set-up by preparing popular Korean side dishes like kimchi, soybean sprouts, cucumber salad, and braised potatoes. Unlike in restaurants, you can have your fill without keeping an eye on the bill. And because the meat is marinated, the job’s already half done. Just pop them on the grill and watch them sizzle.

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View all their promos on The Commissary’s Facebook page: @thecommissaryiloilo

Shocks Sisig: Something Surprisingly Good for the Holidays

Christmas can be stressful, especially menu planning. We all want to feed our families an amazing meal. But with so much to do, is there a way to satisfy those cravings on top of working full-time, putting up decorations, and holiday shopping?

With Shocks Sisig, there is.

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Shocks Sisig’s FunFamily Sisig Trays are the answer to your seasonal woes. Just pick your sisig type (pork, chicken, bangus, or scallops) and select between the Funmily Tray for four (4) and eight (8) people. Both include fried rice and eggs. It’s so convenient, the only thing that’s missing is beverages.

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They also offer sisig servings for one (Shocks Sumu-Solo or Dumu-Doble), in case you’re not in the mood to share. Eat it while answering dozens of emails, or simply because you miss that tangy, salty, taste (I know I do!).

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Choose your own trays on Shocks Sisig’s Facebook page: @shockssisig

Hassle-Free Noche Buena Starts Here

Make sure to manage your time despite a busy schedule. Why stay cooped up in the kitchen for hours cooking Noche Buena meals? The key is balance – hot, delicious food on the table, plus extra time for the family.

You can manage this with a little help from GrabFood. As a delivery service that connects local food businesses with people, it’s fast and easy to have delicious dishes brought right to your doorstep. In just a few clicks, you can get Stella’s ube cake, Pub Express’ rack of ribs, The Commissary’s pork samgyup, and Shocks Sisig’s Funmily Tray in time for dinner. No hassle and no sweat.

Download GrabFood on Android or iOS to view all your holiday ambag options.

Have a merry, masarap Christmas!

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