Te Namit Man: The Search for the Best Chicken Burgers in Town

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Who doesn’t love burgers? Aside from they're really delicious, I love how flexible and functional burgers are. When you're busy and want a quick, satisfying meal, burgers are so handy! If you're stressed and want to eat your heart out, a burger is great comfort food. Honestly, there's really no bad day to eat one. 

And in times like this when I badly want to eat a burger but I feel a little guilty of how [unhealthy] the slab of bacon and beef patty looks, I go for chicken burgers! (Although this might be a psychological notion and not at all scientific.) 

So if you're into chicken burgers like me, here are some places where you can get chicken burgers in the city!

1. Adok's (Dokito Burger)

I couldn't possibly write this without starting with the recent craze! I first discovered that Andok’s had this back in January and it was about time that it was noticed because the hype is real! Dokito chicken is already famously good, so to make a burger out of it is fantastic. Love how generous the mustard dressing and the veggies are not soggy. Their burger reminded me of KFC's crispy chicken fillet back then and yes, it can compete with their Zinger! Did I mention it's only for P69?? You get what you paid for and more!

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You can buy Dokito Burger at any Andok’s branches near you.

2. By the Bay

This newly opened corner at Fort San Pedro will guarantee you two things– a super big crispy fillet and a beautiful sunset for your backdrop. Now ain't that the perfect set-up! Best eaten when it's still hot and crispy. The good price point at P110-120 too. Though I must say, their Nashville Hot is the bomb!

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By the Bay is located at NBI Road, Fort San Pedro Drive, Iloilo City 

Facebook: fb.com/bythebayilo

3. Rebel Burgers

Leave it to Rebel burgers to come up with creative fusions and fun flavor profiles (and cool names too!). They set the bar high because they were also the genius behind the Ensaymada burger and I am still waiting for them to bring it back.

Tried their Chelidonis which is chicken fillet with coleslaw and mayo mustard. The flavor profile is sour and a little sweet to which I am very surprised– the hint of sweetness came from the apples! Love how fresh and not super greasy this chicken burger is. They really ain't your usual burgers!

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Location: Benigno Aquino Ave Service Road beside Splash Carwash near Brgy. Cuartero, Jaro. 

Facebook: fb.com/therebelburgers

4. The Turf

The turf has one of the BIGGEST chicken fillets that I need to sit down and eat. And I love that they were aware of this and created mini chicken burgers. The buns do not get soggy immediately despite the generous amount of sauce and the super big fillet. Their chicken burgers are no-nonsense and straightforward and delicious. They are without a doubt, a top choice!

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Available at the Tienda sa Atria on Oct. 25-30. PM them on FB for Orders

Facebook: fb.com/Turfbyjai

5. JD Burger Project

The thing is, you couldn’t possibly get a single burger from the burger project that I didn't like (go ahead and try to play Russian Roulette with their burgers). They are the ones who are also not afraid to explore modern flavor profiles while still giving ode to the classics. They even have vegetarian burgers! And let's face it, it's brioche buns for me. I'd honestly buy the buns alone, but hey! Their chicken parma is absolutely a joy to eat. Personally, this is the best chicken burger in terms of 3F- flavor, flexibility, and functionality. Super delicious and I'm a sucker for burgers that fit my mouth in one bite so I can taste every element all at once. This is a piece of heaven, in a burger form.

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Location: 38 General Luna St. 

Facebook: fb.com/jdburgerproject 

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