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It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! There’s gifts, food and well.. more food! The air is different when it’s the holiday season and good thing we love celebrating it. The celebration doesn’t end on the 25th because we look forward to yet another feast during the Media Noche and New Year.

Sometimes it’s hard to look for restaurants or food that everybody can enjoy. It’s hard taking risks to try out new food at this time when you have to satisfy everyone’s palate. We especially think that this year is a special one since last year we haven’t really been able to celebrate together with our loved ones. So we rounded up 5 restaurants—physical or virtual, modern or classic— where you can get a really sumptuous holiday feast in time for New Year’s celebration!

1. Stella

Stella is one of the restaurants we would easily recommend to both locals and tourists. Ilonggos love their classics and we are very proud of our homegrown brands that put Iloilo on the map. But over the years I’ve also learned to welcome new twists and fusions. Stella did exactly that and did a really good job elevating classic Filipino dishes with modern twists that don't feel alienating. For this holiday, they have several Christmas Trays and Bilaos that you can order for the whole fam. We can’t sum up Stella in one word so we’ll do three: Home, Friendship, Family.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stellailoilo

Delivers via: Grab Food and Food Panda

Contact Number: 09167405999

2. Y2k Talabahan

We had to include a classic in this because by now you already know that Ilonggo loves simple, no-nonsense delicious food! And we couldn’t think of a single best dish that encompasses this more than Y2k’s Native Chicken Adobo. Now there are many renditions of adobo all over the country but this one you have to really have to try. And we must warn you- a cup of rice doesn’t suffice. You pair this with an ice-cold Coke, Talaba and Sisig, and it’s a Happy New Year in your mouth. Fireworks everywhere!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/y2ktalabahan

Delivers via: ANA (Ayala Neighborhood Assitant), Grab Food and Food Panda

Contact Numbers: Y2K Diversion - (033) 321-3015 

Y2K Ayala Atria - (033) 393-0824

3. Yumchow

Probably one of the most successful transitions from a cloud kitchen to a full-pledged restaurant is Yumchow. For a newcomer in the food scene, Yumchow is becoming a household name for Asian comfort food. And if you want Asian-inspired dishes at your table this new year, Yumchow has to be there. You might be missing the hawker stalls in Singapore (or want to experience one), you’ll find a familiar taste in their Soya Chicken and Singapore style pork BBQ. Luckily they have serving sizes good for groups! Plus, you’ll find them very accommodating and passionate about their food. It’s the kind of passion and love for what they do that you would want to share with the rest of Ilonggo community!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yumchowiloilo

Delivers via: Grab Food, ANA (Ayala Neighborhood Assistant)

4. Tycoon Seafoods and Paluto

Tycoon is a new cloud kitchen / virtual restaurant that specialize in Seafood. However, they are not new in the seafood industry. Their dishes are not your usual seafood items since the chef is trained in European and Middle Eastern Cuisine. You will see the Western influences in the flavors. It may be something you haven’t tried before but trust us when we say it is very delectable that the whole family would love! You must try their mixed seafood Christmas Tray this season. And their Seafood Paella? To-die for!  Their supply of seafood comes from Capiz and aside from Paluto, you can also buy fresh, frozen and smoked sea products!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TycoonSeafoodsPaluto

Delivers via: Gora! Delivery and Lihog

Contact Number: 0938 976 6392

5. Tavola Curated Grazing Boxes

If you can imagine a cozy Christmas in your mind, what would you see? Ours would be the smell of baked goods or your mom cooking, jazz music in the background, a glass of wine in hand, and a Tavola Grazing Box. Sounds luxurious? It’s because sometimes, you deserve a little luxury!

Tavola’s Curated Grazing boxes are Charcuterie boards filled with an assortment of premium meats, cheese, nuts, fruits and biscuits! It’s a perfect pica food with a bunch of amigas and familia catching up and reflecting about how the year went. Trust us— conversations with a Tavola board on the table, is truly a special and memorable moment with friends and family.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TavolaCuratedGrazingBoxes

Delivers via: Gora! Delivery

Contact Number: 0977 854 9358 

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