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Social media is as much a part of our lives today as drinking coffee or calling a friend. Who isn’t on at least one platform?

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s now easier to share information, retain connections, and engage with newfound markets. But it’s not as simple as publishing a post. You need to research, strategize, and understand how to measure success.

For that, you will need the expertise of social media marketers, like Kim Nepomuceno.

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Photo by: Charisse Pingul

Getting To Know Kim Nepomuceno

How do you separate Kim Alex Nepomuceno from the crowd? Not easy; but look for the most down-to-earth, warm, and outgoing person in the room. She’s as radiant as she is lovely. Even her Instagram photos radiate her friendly and outgoing personality.

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Photo by: Charisse Pingul

Kim associates herself most with one of the world’s most popular visual platforms. 

“I would say that I’m a creative and artistic person; and this can be personified through my Instagram posts.”

Scroll through her feed and you’ll find pretty selfies, travel images, and artsy pieces. If you’re into fitness (especially cross fit), singing, running, wall climbing, and beautiful sunsets, she’s definitely worth a follow. 

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, she’s a born performer.

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Photo by: Charisse Pingul

She also loves to explore personal connections and considers herself a ‘jack of all trades’. For those who intend to get into the same field, Kim has a few wise words: 

“There are a lot of employment opportunities for Communication graduates… It can be in media, arts, business, etc.. There are a lot of interesting jobs and they come with awesome perks.”

On Being a Social Media Marketer

As Kim is rather active online, it’s no surprise that she’ll eventually decide to become a social media marketer. Of course, she likes to balance her time between work and hobbies. She uses IG to build a personal brand, as well as to showcase businesses she works with. 

“…social media has given me the platform to show off my true potential in advertising and promotions. It helped me become more creative and channel my inner performer. Being able to share tidbits from my life has motivated me to be a better version of myself.”

With her reasonable following, I couldn’t help but ask her thoughts about being an Influencer. 

“I don't think SMMs need to be Influencers, but it would help as it involves a lot of online engagement and interaction...Influencers can facilitate more online engagements with the brand through their online presence. They can influence people’s purchase decisions and drive more conversions…”

“Being social media savvy is a requirement. A social media marketer should know how the platforms work to figure out the best strategies to implement.”

Though young, she’s steadfast on her beliefs and shows natural passion about helping businesses achieve their goals through social media. Her key takeaways from her job so far? Have a plan, set up goals, and be social.

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Photo by: Charisse Pingul

“First, you need to have a sound strategy…Any good strategy begins with goals. Getting sales is a big one. You may also want to increase engagement or focus on improving conversions…How you interact with your audience can make a big difference…”

“Remember to get in there and talk with people who are looking at and commenting on your content. Being social will get you better reach and build your audience.” Sound advice, indeed.

On Influencers, Partnerships, and Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is huge business. It was worth $9.7 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach $13.8 billion in 2021. It’s no wonder almost everyone wants in on the action. Social media marketers like Kim are great sources for deeper insight into this lucrative industry.

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When asked if she considers herself an Influencer, she was both humble yet honest.

“I’d like to consider myself an influencer because I’ve helped brands gain revenue. I’ve had quite a few online engagements with branding and promotion…Being an influencer isn’t about your follower count, but how you impact the lives of your followers.”

It’s normal for Kim to meet Influencers regularly. One could say it’s one of the ‘perks’ of her profession! 

“I’ve mostly had positive experiences with the Influencers I’ve worked with, because I’m about the same age as them. Since we belong to the same generation, I can easily relate to them, which makes working with them a pleasurable experience.”

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While Kim recognizes big-name personalities like Ivana Alawi, she likes micro-influencers such as Kimi Juan-Caja (@kimijuan) for their authenticity and conscious lifestyle choices. Kim recognizes the power of genuineness despite a small following. 

""Micro-influencers usually have a higher engagement rate, while still being considered as experts within their niche. They tend to have a lot of industry knowledge, experience, and influence over their target audience…”

“Finding the right match comes down to the size and level of your company, what you’re looking to achieve in terms of brand awareness and revenue with the Influencer.” As more and more organizations tap into Influencer marketing, she has a few tips to make partnerships more productive and frictionless: 

“Don’t try to control your social media influencers. Dictating what they will say and do is mistake number one. They’ve built their communities by being transparent, authentic, and engaging. You chose them because you like their work in the first place."

“A business should create an initial agreement that sets honest expectations upfront. It should benefit both parties. An Influencer should also be upfront about their expectations.” Just like her peers, Kim keeps it real. I found her easy to talk to, unpretentious, and approachable – nice qualities to have on the job and online.

“I think the only image an Influencer should have is their true selves. Everything becomes easier when you’re authentic. You won’t have to please anyone, especially brands. The foundation for good relations will come more naturally by keeping it real.” 

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Intrigued? Follow Kim on Instagram @kimmistryy

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