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What’s usually the first thing you do when you wake up? 

If you answered launch a social media app or check your company’s website, then welcome to the club. Almost everyone does the same thing nowadays. But did you ever stop to wonder how these apps and websites function? 

Creating digital products is more than applying code. Once that’s done, someone has to confirm that all components are working as intended. Menus should be clearly visible, controls should be functional, and users should be able to quickly find what they need. 

That’s the job of a UI/UX designer, someone like Myka Corro.

Who is Myka?

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Myka Corro is the Creative Director and Designer at Sowenscale, handling the UI/UX Design of GooZam.

Believe it or not, she didn’t pursue a designer or IT-related course. Rather, she’s a proud graduate of Physical Therapy at St. Paul University Iloilo.

“I belonged to a generation where children should graduate with a medical-related degree because that’s the ‘most practical’ thing to do. With that mindset, most of my college applications were medical-related.”

One could say that she is level-headed, realistic, and quite possibly, a foodie, too. Photos on her Instagram and Facebook pages reveal a family-oriented individual. She may be a woman of a few words, but when she does say something, you sit up and listen. You want to know more. 

“It’s always fulfilling to create projects that involve making things easier for people. Something that is of value to humanity and can be used as part of their daily lives…An essential.”

An Unexpected Shift

Myka isn’t alone when it comes to working in a field that’s unrelated to her major. 

According to, there are several valid reasons why fresh graduates may not land the job of their dreams (or at least, a job related to their course). These include: high competition, lack of a good network, insufficient work experience, inadequate skills, as well as plenty of uncertainty.

“I loved Physical Therapy and I had plans on how to pursue it. But sometimes, life just gives you a new pack of lemons. So of course, I had to make lemonade!”

Turns out, that lemonade today tastes sweet.

“The turning point of my life was when I got married and had my son. Before him, I had no clear direction in life - what I wanted to pursue or what I wanted to excel at."

“But right after, it was a wake-up call. I had to do something to support him and the life that we wanted to build. It was then I was offered a job initially as a Lead Marketing Officer, and eventually a UI/UX designer…”

Would she change anything if she could go back in time? Myka was very candid with her response.

“YES, but not technically a degree in UI/UX. Something not medical-related…Knowing what I know now, I would have probably achieved a lot more and maybe built my own company.”

On Being a UI/UX Designer

Think you have what it takes to be a UI/UX designer? Myka breaks it down for us:

“I feel like UI and UX are some of the most alien words today. One interesting fact that people might not know is that it involves human psychology."

“You do not just design a product - you design the interaction. You have to know your users, their human nature, their inclinations, weaknesses, strong points, and fears.”

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She’s right. When you look at job descriptions for this role, you’ll see that it requires creativity, a good eye for detail, and strong communication skills. Looks like Myka’s background in PT came in handy! 

“…Just like when handling patients, you need to get to know them a little better, how they do things, their likes and dislikes, so you could serve them better and more efficiently.”

What’s the highlight of being a UI/UX designer?

“The ability to create products, see them come to life, and have the opportunity to make a big impact on the way people do everyday things gives me a sense of fulfillment.”

Myka is currently working on Goozam, a community-driven call-for-help platform that encourages smart, safer communities.

Goozam can be used by volunteers, businesses, organizations, and end users for a variety of life-saving solutions. With this super app, you can: ask for help during emergencies, check-in with businesses and organizations for contract tracing or health declaration, book essential services, as well as have your favorite products delivered.

The app is currently in development but is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2022. Look out for it on Google Play and the App Store.

On Challenges, Careers, and ‘Forever’

While she has definitely found her forever in love, could she maybe say the same of her career? When asked whether she sees herself in other fields, Myka keeps an open mind:

“I can’t tell yet since it has only been two years. But I wouldn’t mind as I still have a lot to explore in this field; and it is actually quite interesting if you get to know more about it.”

Indeed, there’s been a growing demand for UI/UX designers in the Philippines. In fact, many companies are hiring for this position. 

It’s not surprising as big and small companies alike want to ensure their digital services/products such as apps, websites, and portals are user-friendly. So if you’re looking into making the online world a better place, perhaps this is the career for you.

At Sowenscale, they value discovery and mentorship so you can take off running in the right direction. They offer a healthy yet competitive environment for beginners to break into the world of digital marketing, design, content creation, and branding.

Sowenscale can provide you the opportunity to learn, while enjoying the company of young, fresh minds who love innovation - and strong coffee.

They are currently open for the following positions:

  1. UI/UX Designer

  2. Animator

  3. Video Editor

  4. Copywriter

  5. Social Media Specialist

Send your resume directly to Myka at or just reach out to her to know more about a day in the life of a UI/UX designer.

Don’t have the experience? Don’t fret! If Myka can do it, so can you!

“My biggest challenge was that I had zero background in this industry… I basically learned as I went. I was just grateful that the company trusted me, and that I had plenty of patient mentors.”

“In the end, I got the hang of it with continuous learning. I always take in as much feedback and comments from others as possible.”

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Photo by: Kija Productions

Kija Productions captures special celebrations like birthdays, debuts, or weddings through their events photography and videography services which their clients can treasure for a lifetime. 

Nothing is ever too late. So yes, go get that job. Expand to new horizons. Switch your gears. Her advice? 

“If it feels right, it probably is. So just go with it.”

Want to see what Myka is up to lately? Follow her on Instagram @mykacorrs and on Linked In @Myka (Denila) Corro

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